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Thanks for being patient with the release of the survey data! There was a three year interval between the last survey and this one, and we've got a whole new set of data to compare to previous years. In addition to Masterworks data, we asked questions about other Marvel hardcovers including Omnibus, Premiere Classics, and standard oversized hardcovers, and got a lot of great feedback. I think you'll really enjoy poring through the information that follows. It has definitely served as a guide for many of the Masterworks you currently have on your shelf.

I'd like to thank Masterworks line editor Cory Sedlmeier for not only helping provide helpful feedback for the survey, but also for maintaining such a high standard of quality since he took over the program back in 2004. Seven years later, we are truly spoiled, with so many classic Marvel tales expertly reproduced in hardcover. I'd also like to thank Marvel's Senior VP of Sales, David Gabriel, for believing in the Masterworks and keeping them an important part of Marvel's collected editions publishing schedule.

As far as the 2011 Masterworks Survey, I'd like to thank Ghastly for once again helping build the database and propagating the results. Without his abilities and good cheer, I couldn't have done this. I'd also like to thank the folks who helped build the questions for the survey, especially Dum Dum Dugan and Cleazer, as well as all the beta testers who kicked the tires so we could get this up and out to survey takers. See you all next time?

To conclude, I'd like to remind everybody what this survey is all about. It's pretty simple, and that is to get a temperature reading on Masterworks and related projects from Masterworks fans. This isn't an all-purpose survey dedicated to all of collected editions, but a tight focus on gathering data from Masterworks consumers and Masterworks consumers alone. We've been at this since 2001 when we did our very first fan survey, polling Masterworks fans about what they'd like to see back when there was no Masterworks line at all! Though the folks at Marvel do review the results of the survey, it is not an official Marvel survey and shouldn't be taken as such.

Now, on with the show...

The 2011 Masterworks survey is broken down into the following categories:

I: Demographics

  1. Age
  2. Countries of origin
  3. States of origin
II: General Reprint Purchasing Habits
  1. Masterworks vs. DC Archives
  2. Masterworks vs. Spirit Archives
  3. Masterworks vs. EC Archives
  4. Masterworks vs. Dark Horse Archives
  5. Masterworks vs. Essentials
  6. Other Marvel collected edition brands
  7. Other DC collected editions
III: Assorted Marvel Hardcover Opinions
  1. Marvel Omnibus Questions
  2. Ideal Omnibus Size
  3. Omnibus Binding
  4. Omnibus Ownership
  5. Future Omnibus Selections
  6. Future Marvel Premiere Classic HCs Selections
  7. Marvel Premiere Classic HCs Line Continuations
  8. Marvel Classic OHC Ownership
IV: Masterworks Purchasing Habits
  1. When Did You Start Purchasing Masterworks?
  2. Masterworks Acquisition Habits
  3. Masterworks Ownership: Golden Age, Atlas Era, Marvel Age
  4. Trade Dress Questions
  5. BTP (Back To Press) Questions
V: Masterworks Quality Concerns
  1. Basic Satisfaction With Masterworks
  2. Sewn Binding
  3. Areas of Improvement
VI: Future Masterworks
  1. Marvel Age Masterworks: Extensions of Existing Lines
  2. New Golden Age Masterworks
  3. New Atlas Era Masterworks
  4. New Marvel Age Masterworks Lines
VII: Related Masterworks Questions
  1. Masterworks By the Decade
  2. Bronze Age Intentions
  3. Masterworks on the Fast Track
  4. Masterworks/Omnibus Crossover
  5. Western Masterworks
  6. Marvel Age Genre Masterworks
  7. Licensed Masterworks
  8. Jumping Ahead in Masterworks
  9. Not Brand Ecch in Masterworks
  10. Masterworks vs. DC/EC Archives Market Share
  11. Economic Downturn vs. Masterworks
  12. Softcover Masterworks
  13. Spider-Man's Tangled Masterworks Web
  14. Handling Short Runs
  15. Most Demanded New Atlas Genre
  16. Marvel Age Rarities Masterworks
  17. Tales Of Wonder Question
The survey doesn't end there, though! I'm still finishing up the data on the Masterworks Survey, including the wish list for future Masterworks volumes, but I wanted to make sure to post the first half of the results for the folks who have been very patiently waiting for them. The rest of the survey results will be posted within the week! Check back at the website and message board for notifications!

The floor is open for discussion for survey results at the Marvel Forums, which can be accessed at THIS THREAD. See you there!

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