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Here are the rankings for most desired new Atlas Era Masterworks, which cover Marvel's 1950s output.

#1) Tales of Suspense Vol. 4

39% ballot representation

672 total power points

36 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #5 (+4)

This would be the fourth and final volume of Tales of Suspense, reprinting issues #32-48 and #50-54 and insuring that every single page of that series has now been reprinted in Masterworks thanks to Iron Man, Captain America, and this line of Masterworks. How cool is that?

(EDIT: I was reminded by one of the Masterworks faithful that the "Tales of the Watcher" stories from TOS would still be extant in Masterworks. How uncool is that? We gotta figure out how we can get those stories reprinted in Masterworks one day...)

* * *

#2) Tales to Astonish Vol. 4

37% ballot representation

604 total power points

21 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #4 (+2)

And lookie here! Another line of top shelf Marvel monsters comes to a close. Tales to Astonish has actually already been solicited for January 2012, which will whet the appetite for Tales of Suspense Vol. 4 to hit the schedule. Combined with the Amazing Fantasy Omnibus, this will insure that all the monster/sci-fi/suspense stories published during the dawning of the Marvel Age of Comics are now in hardcover.

* * *

#3) World of Fantasy/Strange Worlds Vol. 1

30% ballot representation

427 total power points

20 first place votes

Last survey ranking: n/a)

When looking at potential Atlas Era volumes, our mapping intelligencia figured that World of Fantasy and Strange Worlds might make a good fit for a combined Masterworks line. World of Fantasy started publication in 1956, Strange Worlds in 1958, and both of them ceased in 1959, but they are more similar in tone to the stories in Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish than the mid-'50s material found in JIM and Strange Tales. There's also plenty of rare and prime Kirby/Ditko monster material here, which makes these obscure comics a very coveted selection for Masterworks.

* * *

#4) Journey Into Mystery Vol. 4

29% ballot representation

442 total power points

20 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #2 (-2)

We go back to the mid-'50s for more Atlas Era horror and suspense. By this time, Journey Into Mystery was getting deep into the Comics Code era. We're a couple more volumes away from the arrival of the classic Ditko/Kirby monsters, but that doesn't mean that stories by the likes of Gene Colan, Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Bernie Krigstein, Al Williamson, Ross Andru, Dick Ayers and early Ditko are anything to sneeze at!

* * *

#5) Strange Tales Vol. 6

28% ballot representation

405 total power points

15 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #6 (+1)

See #4: Journey Into Mystery. Apparently Atlas-loving respondents are bullish about the horror/monster/sci-fi/suspense titles and want more!

* * *

#6) Spaceman Vol. 1

24% ballot representation

377 total power points

21 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #12 (+6)

This volume would collect Spaceman #1-5 and Space Squadron #1-6, the only hardcore sci-fi title of the Atlas Era. With art by George Tuska, Joe Maneely, and Mike Sekowsky, it ran from 1951 through 1954 and featured the running exploits of Jet Dixon and Speed Carter. It would definitely be a one-of-a-kind Masterworks edition.

* * *

Here's the rest of the list of Masteworks line extension voting:

07: 25%....Marvel Tales Vol. 1 (368 points, 24 first place votes, #8/+1)

08: 23%....Venus Vol. 2 (355 points, 29 first place votes, #7/-1)

09: 21%....Journey Into Unknown Worlds Vol. 1 (278 points, 10 first place votes, new entry)

10: 19%....Atlas Era Rawhide Kid Vol. 1 (255 points, 8 first place votes, #10/no change)

11: 16%....Atlas Era Kid Colt Vol. 1 (272 points, 15 first place votes, new entry)

12: 15%....Amazing Adventures/Amazing Fantasy Vol. 1 (270 points, 28 first place votes, #9/-3)

13: 15%....Battle Vol. 1 (225 points, 12 first place votes, #15/+2)

14: 15%....Atlas Era Two-Gun Kid Vol. 1 (217 points, 8 first place votes, new entry)

15: 15%....Patsy Walker Vol. 1 (214 points, 9 first place votes, #13/-2)

16: 13%....Jungle Adventures Vol. 3 (168 points, 8 first place votes, #11/-5)

17: 13%....Complete Mystery Vol. 1 (153 points, 4 first place votes, #16/-1)

18: 9%....Atlas Era Satire Vol. 1 (124 points, 6 first place votes, new entry)

19: 8%....Official True Crime/All True Crime Vol. 1 (114 points, 7 first place votes, new entry)

20: 7%....Bible Tales Vol. 1 (108 points, 8 first place votes, #16/-4)

21: 7%....Kent Blake of the Secret Service Vol. 1 (96 points, 5 first place votes, new entry)

22: 6%....Justice Vol. 1 (69 points, 1 first place votes, #16/-6)

Since the last survey, there have been a few Atlas Era lines that have ended: Black Knight, Yellow Claw, Atlas Era Heroes featuring Captain America, Sub-Mariner and Human Torch, and the done-in-one Menace. With that in mind, we added a bunch more new entries to select from, the highest of which was Journey Into Unknown Worlds, a long run of comics in the mold of Journey Into Mystery and Strange Tales that debuted in 1950.

The first Western appears at #10, although it's not alone: Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt and Two-Gun Kid are all settled in tightly in a pack after the Top 9 horror/sci-fi/suspense/Venus stranglehold on the standings. They just don't quite have what it takes to break into the top. As of now, it seems what Atlas folks want is more of the same. Patsy Walker, Satire, Crime and Bible Tales filter in towards the bottom.

Meanwhile, Kent Blake's service will likely remain secret for a while longer, at least if the Survey is any indication.

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