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Here are the rankings for most desired new Golden Age Masterworks, which cover Marvel's output from 1939 to roughly the end of the 1940s.

#1) Timely Rarities Vol. 1

48% ballot representation

920 total power points

93 first place votes Last survey ranking: #6 (+5)

Finally taking its place on top of the most desired GA rankings is a catch-all book of Timely's most rare comics. Much speculation has centered on what contents would be included, but it would certainly feature 1940's Red Raven Comics #1, one of Timely's first and most rare comics, as well as the single issue of Tough Kid Squad. It would also likely include Comedy Comics, the carryover series from Daring Mystery, that stars Citizen V, the Silver Scorpion, and some other oddities from the time period.

* * *

#2) Captain America Vol. 6

43% ballot representation

790 total power points

55 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #1 (-1)

Captain America places a relatively close second place to the Rarities volume, even though we're well past the formative Simon/Kirby years. Since the line would stretch out to 20 or more volumes, having Cap on an annual schedule would seem to be the right thing to do – not to mention we just saw Marvel release a blockbuster film focused on his World War II adventures, making this Masterworks (pardon me, but I just gotta do this) a very "Timely" addition to the canon.

* * *

#3) Sub-Mariner Vol. 4

37% ballot representation

578 total power points

26 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #3 (no change)

In which Subby takes bragging rights over his short-run partner, the Human Torch! This volume would likely collect 6 issues, taking us from the Spring of 1944, when the war against the Axis Powers was still in full flourish, to Winter 1945-1946, when Allied troops had been called home after a job very well done. Where does that leave the battle-hardened Sub-Mariner? Masterworks would really love to find out how the series creatively transitioned from war stories to a new status quo. This volume would feature yet more Angel backup stories as well.

* * *

#4) Marvel Comics Vol. 7

37% ballot representation

544 total power points

21 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #2 (-2)

Like Captain America, this line of Masterworks projects to over a dozen more volumes, so we've gotten an annual release so far, making Golden Age Marvel Comics one of the more predictable releases. The lucky 7th volume would include more stories of the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner, as well as the Patriot, the Vision, the Angel, Ka-Zar and Terry Vance. Also, fans of Ed Brubaker's Captain America may want to read the first appearance of Jimmy Jupiter in issue #28.

* * *

#5) Blonde Phantom Vol. 1

33% ballot representation

534 total power points

37 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #10 (+5)

Venus was a big hit with the Atlas crowd, so there would seem to be just as much interest in the blonde super hero of the Timely era, the Blonde Phantom. The leggy detective with the domino mask moves up five spots to break into the Top 6, making her the second biggest mover in the rankings behind the Timely Rarities.

* * *

#6) All-Select Vol. 1

33% ballot representation

497 total power points

20 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #8 (+2)

All-Select was another Timely anthology comic, this one launched in 1943 and starring the Big 3 of Cap, Subby and the Torch. It also featured the Black Widow, the Whizzer, the Destroyer and Jeep Jones, among others, making it a powerhouse of Timely's top characters. There was some discussion among the mapping intelligencia of merging All-Select with Blonde Phantom, since her first lengthy appearances were in the last issue of All-Select, which then started over as Blonde Phantom with the same numbering. Perhaps in the next survey, we'll know better how things will shake out and we'll either put them together or keep them separate.

* * *

Here's the rest of the list of Masteworks line extension voting:

07: 30%....Human Torch Vol. 4 (466 points, 10 first place votes, #5/-2)

08: 27%....Young Allies Vol. 2 (310 points, 9 first place votes, #6/-2)

09: 24%....Mystic Vol. 2 (326 points, 10 first place votes, #9/no change)

10: 23%....USA Comics Vol. 3 (235 points, 4 first place votes, #11/+1)

11: 12%....Kid Comics Vol. 1 (144 points, 3 first place votes, #13/+2)

12: 11%....Comedy Comics Vol. 1 (169 points, 7 first place votes, #15/+3)

13: 10%....Joker Comics Vol. 1 (103 points, 0 first place votes, #14/+1)

Human Torch slips out of the Top 6, as does Young Allies Vol. 2, which has actually been solicited for 2012 and will hit store shelves in March. Still, both lines show strong enough support from Masterworks fans, as do followups for Mystic and USA. We're getting to the point where virtually the entire Golden Age output of Timely is within reach, as long as Marvel's scheduling stays consistent.

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