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Now the survey turns it attention to the volumes we want to see next! First up are the rankings of existing Masterworks line extensions. Some volumes have been solicited during the time the survey numbers were being worked on, so we have those to look forward to in 2012.


#1) Avengers Vol. 12

45% ballot representation

749 total power points

43 first place votes Last survey ranking: #1 (no change)

It was #1 on the last survey. It's #1 on this survey. It's #1 on the monthly sales charts. It'll be #1 at the box office next year. It's the Avengers, and it'll make for Earth's Mightiest Masterworks when it comes out in 2012. By now we should all anticipate that Avengers Masterworks will be a juggernaut, what with a popular cast of characters, seminal storylines, and a diverse list of creative talent being a selling points for the next several volumes worth of material. One problem facing Vol. 12, however, is its duplication of material that has already been reprinted in Defenders Masterworks Vol. 2: the Avengers/Defenders War. Whatever the reaction to the eventual contents are negative or indifferent, Vol. 13 will likely place extremely high, if not top the charts, in our next survey.

* * *

#2) Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 14

42% ballot representation

774 total power points

67 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #4 (+3)

Amazing Spider-Man moves up in the rankings a bit, with the 14th volume checking in at the #2 slot. By this point, we'll be getting deep into the Ross Andru era, with the return of the Green Goblin and Mysterio, more Spidey-Mobile and the first stories of the Original Clone Saga.

* * *

#3) Fantastic Four Vol. 14

35% ballot representation

520 total power points

20 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #5 (+2)

The top 3 seem to clearly represent Marvel's flagship franchises staking their claim to Masterworks longevity. By the 14th FF volume, we're well past the Lee/Kirby heyday, but that doesn't mean these stories aren't with their fans. Rich Buckler (with a few appearances by Ross Andru) is supported by FF inking legend Joe Sinnott, the likely contents featuring a multi-part Doctor Doom saga and the wedding of Quicksilver and Crystal. This volume might also include one of the first Giant-Size issues of FF.

* * *

#4) Uncanny X-Men Vol. 8

33% ballot representation

524 total power points

34 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #14 (+10)

While writing the previous entry, I hesitated to include Uncanny X-Men as one of Marvel's flagship franchises. For some fans, "1980s" and "Masterworks" don't necessarily go together. But lo and behold, here is Uncanny X-Men, a close #4 to Fantastic Four. This volume will collect the second half of the Brood Saga, and feature the last X-Men work by Dave Cockrum and the first by Paul Smith. It'll also include the double-size Annual by Bill Sienkiewicz featuring Dracula. All in all, it's a Masterworks worthy of the name - and it was solicited after the survey was launched so we have it to look forward to in February 2012!

* * *

#5) Thor Vol. 11

33% ballot representation

442 total power points

16 first place votes

Last survey ranking: #3 (-2)

This is another Masterworks volume that was solicited after the survey was launched, and it will see release in March 2012. Reprinting Thor #195-205, it's slap full of high-quality John Buscema art, including a Mangog rampage, all-out war between Pluto, Odin, and Hela.

* * *

#6) Iron Fist Vol. 2

32% ballot representation

505 total power points

23 first place votes

Last survey ranking: N/A

The second and final Iron Fist volume squeaks in slightly ahead of Doc Strange Vol. 6. If it makes the 2012 schedule, it would follow in the footsteps of the super-quick 1-2 punch of Inhumans. The run collected here would be prime Chris Claremont/John Byrne, picking up with issue #3 and most likely including some Marvel Team-Up tie-ins. This late '70s run was originally published concurrent with Claremont's X-Men; in fact, the latter issues feature the X-Men and the first appearance of Sabretooth.

* * *

Here's the rest of the list of Masteworks line extension voting:

07: 30%....Dr. Strange Vol. 6 (493 points, 27 first place votes, #7/no change)

08: 29%....Defenders Vol. 3 (426 points, 14 first place votes, n/a)

09: 28%....Captain America Vol. 6 (412 points, 20 first place votes, #12/+3)

10: 27%....Daredevil Vol. 7 (428 points, 25 first place votes, #9/-1)

11: 25%....Sgt. Fury Vol. 4 (389 points, 23 first place votes, #16/+5)

12: 25%....Ant-Man Vol. 3 (376 points, 21 first place votes, #18/+6)

13: 24%....Marvel Team-Up Vol. 2 (334 points, 13 first place votes, n/a)

14: 23%....Sub-Mariner Vol. 5 (311 points, 10 first place votes, #10/-4)

15: 21%....Captain Marvel Vol. 4 (339 points, 18 first place votes, #17/+2)

16: 21%....Incredible Hulk Vol. 7 (297 points, 11 first place votes, #15/-1)

17: 19%....Black Panther Vol. 2 (284 points, 12 first place votes, n/a)

18: 17%....Rawhide Kid Vol. 3 (285 points, 20 first place votes, #20/+2)

19: 16%....Silver Surfer Vol. 3 (177 points, 1 first place votes, #19/no change)

20: 15%....Iron Man Vol. 8 (168 points, 2 first place votes, #13/-7)

Solicited while I crunched survey numbers were Captain Marvel Vol. 4 and Captain America Vol. 6, so expect to see those in 2012.

New appearances on the list include Defenders, Marvel Team-Up and Black Panther, with Nick Fury, Inhumans, Warlock, X-Men and Human Torch dropping off due to their completion.

Sgt. Fury Vol. 4 and Ant-Man Vol. 3 make surprising showings, almost breaking into the top 10. For some reason, Incredible Hulk always seems to slum around the bottom of the list. Unlike Ant-Man Vol. 3, Silver Surfer doesn't seem to have much energy behind a new volume. Perhaps there's an element of defeatism regarding its contents, since much of the most desirable Surfer material (Lee/Kirby OGN, Epic Illustrated, Moebius) might be tied up in licensing issues.

Rawhide Kid also seems stuck down at the bottom end of the list, although it received a big outpouring of first place votes, which means there are definitely some die-hard Western fans who want more Rawhide!

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