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X-Men Masterworks Vol. 7
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 105: X-Men Masterworks Vol. 7
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Marvel Masterworks: X-Men Volume 7

Reprints: Beast from Amazing Adventures #11-17, Marvel Team-Up #4, Amazing Spider-Man #92, Incredible Hulk #150 & 161

(Vol. 105 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: October 22, 2008

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-3048-2 • List Price: $54.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-3049-9 • List Price: $54.99

240 Pages

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier

Scripted by Steve Englehart, Gerry Conway, Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin

Penciled by Tom Sutton, Bob Brown, Jim Starlin, Gil Kane, Marie Severin and Herb Trimpe

Introduction by Steve Englehart

Bonus Content
• Full-page cover galleries of X-Men Annual #1-2 and X-Men #67-80



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92: Page 3, Iceman vs. Spidey (Gil Kane/John Romita)
INCREDIBLE HULK #150: Page 19, Havok vs. Hulk (Herb Trimpe)
AMAZING ADV. #11: Page 1, furry Beast (Tom Sutton)
AMAZING ADV. #11: Page 8, X-Men flashback (Sutton)
AMAZING ADV. #12: Cover, (Kane)
AMAZING ADV. #12: Page 1, Beast splash (Sutton/Mike Ploog)
AMAZING ADV. #12: Page 3, Marvel Girl and Prof. X (Sutton/Ploog)
AMAZING ADV. #12: Page 12, Beast vs. Iron Man (Sutton/Ploog)
AMAZING ADV. #13: Page 21, Beast vs. Mastermind (Sutton)
MARVEL TEAM-UP #4: Page 16, X-Men vs. Morbius (Kane)
AMAZING ADV. #14: Page 2, Beast and Iron Man (Sutton/Jim Mooney)
AMAZING ADV. #15: Page 5, the X-Men (Sutton)
AMAZING ADV. #15: Page 7, Beast vs. Griffin (Sutton)
AMAZING ADV. #16: Page 11, Beast vs. Juggernaut (Bob Brown)
INCREDIBLE HULK #161: Page 18, Beast and Mimic vs. Hulk (Trimpe)
X-MEN #79: Cover, (Kane)


Continuing the story of Marvel’s original mutant adventurers, the Marvel Masterworks brings you the rarest X-Men appearances collected together for the first time ever! When the merry mutants hit the skids, they don’t buckle under, they hit the road, and you’re riding shotgun. So sit back and get ready for a set of stories that rock the X-Men world to this day!

Pushed undercover by mutant paranoia run amok, the Beast sets off on his own, taking a genetic research job with the Brand Corporation. But Hank McCoy’s scientific curiosity will come to curse him forever as an experiment gone horribly wrong turns him truly into a beast. Fanged, covered in head-to-toe fur, hunched over and driven to bouts of furious bloodlust, McCoy must struggle to retain his humanity as he struggles against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Quasimodo the Living Computer, Juggernaut, the mutant Mimic, and the emerging menace of the Secret Empire that seeks to rend the X-Men asunder.

Meanwhile, you’ll see Havok and Polaris head to the desert Southwest, but somehow excitement doesn’t stray far when the green-haired magnetic mutant encounters the green goliath himself, the Incredible Hulk! Iceman engages in aerial battle with someone who might not call him “friend,” the amazing Spider-Man, but all is forgiven when the combined X-Men team-up to aid the wallcrawler against the living vampire, Morbius!

Collecting AMAZING ADVENTURES #11-17, INCREDIBLE HULK #150 & 161, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92, MARVEL TEAM-UP #4 and the rare X-MEN #67-80 and ANNUAL covers this volume is a must-have for every mutant madman.

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Amazing Adventures #11-17, Incredible Hulk #150 & 161, Amazing Spider-Man #92, Marvel Team-Up #4


ASM #92

HULK #150

AA #11

AA #12

AA #13

MTU #4

AA #14

AA #15

AA #16

HULK #161

AA #17


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