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Uncanny X-Men Masterworks Vol. 8
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 175: Uncanny X-Men Masterworks
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Marvel Masterworks: Uncanny X-Men Volume 8

Reprints: Uncanny X-Men #160-167, X-Men Annual #6 and material from Special Edition X-Men #1 & Marvel Treasury Edition #26-27

(Vol. 175 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: February 8, 2012

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: TBA • List Price: $59.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: TBA • List Price: $59.99

288 Pages

Written by Chris Claremont with Mary Jo Duffy & Scott Edelman

Penciled by Dave Cockrum & Paul Smith with Brent Anderson, Bill Sienkiewicz & Ken Landgraf

Cover by Paul Smith

Introduction by Louise Simonson

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: Tom Mullin
Art Reconstruction: Tom Mullin

Bonus Content
Marvel Treasury Edition #26, Wolverine in "At the Sign of the Lion", 1980, by Mary Jo Duffy, Ken Landgraft and George Perez
Marvel Treasury Edition #27, Angel in "Joyride Into Jeopardy!", 1980, by Scott Edelman, Brent Anderson and Bob McLeod
Special Edition X-Men #1, Kitty Pryde in "A Day Like Any Other", February 1983, by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and Hilary Barta
Uncanny X-Men #162 print film with margin notes by Cockrum and Wiacek
Uncanny X-Men #162, pg. 20 original art by Cockrum and Wiacek
Uncanny X-Men #163, pg. 5 original art by Cockrum and Wiacek
Uncanny X-Men #166, pg. 6 original art by Paul Smith and Wiacek
Uncanny X-Men #167, pg. 15 original art by Smith and Wiacek

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UXM #160: Page 9
UXM #161: Page 16
UXM #162: Page 20
UXM #163: Page 16
UXM #164: Page 12
UXM #164: Page 17
UXM #165: Page 9
UXM #166: Page 28
UXM #167: Page 2-3
UXM Ann #6: Page 7


When you’ve got amazing stories by Chris Claremont, excellent artwork by Dave Cockrum, and the astonishing debut of fan-favorite Paul Smith, what you’ve got is a mutant masterwork!

It starts off with an adventure in Belasco’s mysterious Limbo realm that leaves Colossus’ little sister Ilyana Rasputin aged from child to teenager in a moment. Then comes a classic tale of Professor X and Magneto in their younger days, before their philosophical fallout, teamed-up to take down Baron Strucker and Hydra. But the real action is the conclusion of the epic Brood Saga! Teamed with the Starjammers and Shi’ar, the X-Men, are in an all-out war for survival against the sleaziest parasites in outer space.

There’s also the debut of Carol Danvers as Binary, the return of Dracula, and a guest-star nod by the New Mutants, and to top it off, we’re also including the long-demanded Wolverine and Angel backup stories from Marvel Treasury Edition #26-27 and the Kitty Pryde classic from Special Edition X-Men #1.

Collecting UNCANNY X-MEN #160-167, X-MEN ANNUAL #6 and material from SPECIAL EDITION X-MEN #1 & MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #26-27

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Uncanny X-Men #160-167, X-Men Annual #6 and Special Edition X-Men #1


UXM #160

UXM #161

UXM #162

UXM #163

UXM #164

UXM #165

UXM #166

UXM #167

XM Ann #6

SE XM #1


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