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Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 13
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 155: Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks
Variant Edition Cover


Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Volume 13

Reprints: Amazing Spider-Man #121-131

(Vol. 155 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: March 9, 2011

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-5036-7 • List Price: $54.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-5037-4 • List Price: $54.99

240 Pages

Written by Gerry Conway

Penciled by Gil Kane & Ross Andru with John Romita Sr.

Cover by John Romita Sr.

Introduction by Gerry Conway

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: Wil Glass & All Thumbs Creative
Art Reconstruction: Wil Glass & All Thumbs Creative

Bonus Content
• Amazing Spider-Man Annual #9 cover
• Amazing Spider-Man #122 house ad
• Punisher character design sketch by John Romita
• Amazing Spider-Man #122, pg. 18 pencils by Gil Kane
• Amazing Spider-Man #123, pgs. 1-3, 5, lost pencils by Kane
• Amazing Spider-Man #124, pg. 2 layout by Kane
• Amazing Spider-Man #124, pg. 5 layout by Kane
• Amazing Spider-Man #121 cover original art
• Amazing Spider-Man #124, pg. 2 layout by Kane
• Amazing Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy (1999) TPB cover art by John Van Fleet
• Amazing Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy (2001) TPB cover art by J.G. Jones
• Spider-Man: Death of the Stacys - Marvel Premiere Classic HC cover art by Kane and Richard Isanove

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ASM #121: Page 1
ASM #121: Page 17
ASM #122: Page 6
ASM #122: Page 17
ASM #124: Cover
ASM #126: Page 2
ASM #126: Page 19
ASM #128: Page 1
ASM #129: Cover
ASM #129: Page 10
ASM #130: Page 19


Norman Osborn’s memory has returned. The Green Goblin is back. Gwen Stacy is missing. And it will all lead to a confrontation atop the George Washington Bridge whose aftermath will leave Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, forever changed. That’s right, it’s the – spoiler warning! – death of Gwen Stacy, the story that put a generation into therapy and cemented the Green Goblin’s name as the definition of evil.

The Marvel Masterworks present this tragic tale and a host of Spider-Man classics that would come to define the Webspinner’s world for years to come: the debut of Col. John Jameson’s werewolf curse, the Man-Wolf. The beginning of Harry Osborn’s descent into madness and suspicion and a certain green costume. The first appearance of Frank Castle – the Punisher – the maybe-villain, maybe-anti-hero who would rise to become one of Marvel’s most famous characters.

Topping it off, there’s the first appearance of the nefarious Jackal, the return of the Vulture, Hammerhead, the hilarious Human Torch-built Spider-Mobile, and the shocking wedding of Aunt May and Doctor Octopus! Add to that the debut of fan-favorite Spidey artist Ross Andru and what you have is a Marvel Masterworks!

Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #121-131

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Amazing Spider-Man #121-131


ASM #121

ASM #122

ASM #123

ASM #124

ASM #125

ASM #126

ASM #127

ASM #128

ASM #129

ASM #130

ASM #131


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