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Iron Man Masterworks Vol. 6
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Vol. 124: Iron Man Masterworks
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Marvel Masterworks: Iron Man Volume 6

Reprints: Iron Man #14-25

(Vol. 124 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

Most Recent Print Edition: First Print
Original Release Date: September 16, 2009

REGULAR ISBN: 978-0-7851-4129-7 • List Price: $54.99
VARIANT ISBN: 978-0-7851-4130-3 • List Price: $54.99

264 Pages

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier

Scripted by Archie Goodwin

Pencils by George Tuska and Johnny Craig

Introduction by TBA

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"The life and times of Tony Stark have never been a quiet affair, but the tales coming at you in our latest and greatest Marvel Masterworks collection, are going to drive the Golden Avenger to the brink like never before!

As if being tethered to one of his oldest foes, The Unicorn, while his life hangs in the balance wasn’t threat enough, Tony Stark finds himself replaced by his own S.H.I.E.L.D. Life Model Decoy. And this doppelganger doesn’t just want to take Stark’s place—he wants his life. So it’s Iron Man vs. Iron Man like never before, while a ghost from the past returns in the form of the mysterious and alluring Madame Masque.

That’s not all, though! There’s the return of the Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo, the tragic loss of a loved one, the continuing saga of Madame Masque’s torment, EC Comics great, Johnny Craig’s story of voodoo horror, and an all-out, thrown down with the Sub-Mariner while Tony Stark looks to get into the movie business—Masterworks one and all!"

Collecting IRON MAN #14-25

(from the official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Iron Man #14-25

IM #14 IM #15 IM #16 IM #17 IM #18 IM #19
IM #20 IM #21 IM #22 IM #23 IM #24 IM #25


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