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Iron Fist Masterworks Vol. 2
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 185: Iron Fist Masterworks
Variant Edition Cover


Marvel Masterworks: Iron Fist Volume 2

Reprints: Iron Fist #3-15 and Marvel Team-Up #63-64

(Vol. 185 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: September 12, 2012

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-5955-1 • List Price: $69.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-5956-8 • List Price: $69.99

288 Pages

Written by Chris Claremont

Penciled by John Byrne

Introduction by Bruce Canwell

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration
Art Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration

Bonus Content
• Iron Fist #10, pg. 11 original art by John Byrne and Dan Adkins
• Iron Fist #13, pg. 15 original art by Byrne and Adkins
• Iron Fist #15, pg. 11 original art by Byrne and Dan Green
• Iron Fist #15, pg. 14 original art by Byrne and Green
• Marvel Team-Up #64, pg. 13 original art by Byrne and Dave Hunt

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IF #4: Page 5
IF #6: Page 8
IF #6: Page 10-11
IF #8: Page 3
IF #10: Page 1
IF #10: Page 15
IF #12: Page 5
IF #14: Page 14
IF #15: Page 8
MTU #63: Page 9


Before they made X-Men the #1 hit of its time, Chris Claremont and John Byrne brought their storytelling magic to the adventures of Iron Fist. It’s kung fu action in the mighty Marvel manner and here, in the pages of the Masterworks, you’ll enjoy their classic run collected and fully restored for the very first time.

Joined by ladies of action Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, Iron Fist’s skill in both mind and body is tested by radioactive horrors, martial arts masters, New York’s kung fu kingpin, and even his closest confidantes. Not to mention, an assault on Avengers’ mansion; the first appearance of Sabretooth; an early guest-appearance by the All-New, All-Different X-Men; and the final showdown with the Steel Serpent. Its ’70s Marvel at its most exciting so reserve that copy today!

Collecting IRON FIST #3-15 & MARVEL TEAM-UP #63-64

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Iron Fist #3-15 and Marvel Team-Up #63-64


IF #3

IF #4

IF #5

IF #6

IF #7

IF #8

IF #9

IF #10

IF #11

IF #12

IF #13

IF #14

IF #15

MTU #63

MTU #64


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