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Golden Age Daring Mystery Masterworks Vol. 2
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 133: Golden Age Daring Mystery Masterworks Vol. 2
Variant Edition Cover


Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Daring Mystery Volume 2

Reprints: Daring Mystery #5-8

(Vol. 133 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: February 17, 2010

REGULAR ISBN: TBA • List Price: $59.99
VARIANT ISBN: TBA • List Price: $59.99

280 Pages

Featured creators include Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Bill Everett, Carl Burgos, Ben Thompson, Steve Dahlman, George Klein, Harry Sahle, Larry Antonette, Ed Robbins, Maurice Gutwirth, Harry Douglas, Henry Fletcher, Fred Schwab, Bud Sagendorf, Frank Pretsch, Frank Borth, George Kapitan, John Compton and more

Cover by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Introduction by TBA



DM #5: Page 2, Fiery Mask vs. Dork (Joe Simon & Jack Kirby)
DM #5: Page 26, Monako (Larry Antonette)
DM #6: Page 1, Marvel Boy (Simon & Kirby)
DM #6: Page 16, Fiery Mask (Simon & Kirby)
DM #6: Page 40, The Fin (Bill Everett)
DM #6: Page 46, Monako (Antonette)
DM #6: Page 53, Dynaman (Steve Dahlman)
DM #7: Page 7, Thunderer (Carl Burgos)
DM #7: Page 9, The Fin (Bill Everett)
DM #7: Page 17, The Fin (Bill Everett)
DM #7: Page 30, Silver Scorpion (Harry Sahle)
DM #7: Page 44, Captain Daring (Simon & Kirby)
DM #7: Page 51, Captain Daring (Simon & Kirby)
DM #7: Page 53, Challenger (Nick Karlton, aka Charles Wojtkoski)
DM #7: Page 54, Challenger (Karlton/aka Wojtkoski)
DM #8: Page 1, Citizen V (Ben Thompson)
DM #8: Page 6, Citizen V (Thompson)
DM #8: Page 11, The Fin (Everett)
DM #8: Page 22, Thunderer (Burgos)
DM #8: Page 54, Captain Daring vs. Hitler and Goering (Simon & Kirby)
DM #8: Page 61, Blue Diamond (Thompson)


Timely Comics' second, sensational comic book series started off with an eclectic array of heroes and artistic talents that mixed pulp rawness with the exploding energy of the comic book medium. Now, with a fix on the new field, DARING MYSTERY COMICS brings in the big guns and lets loose! Featuring a who's who of Golden Age talent, these stories are a rollicking ride through the frenetic era that gave birth to America's greatest fictional creation, the super hero.

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby bring you the original Marvel Boy, the 31st century space opera of Captain Daring, and the Fiery Mask. Bill Everett, master of the maritime hero, creates The Fin – Robin Hood of the Seas. Carl Burgos's Thunderer debuts as the powerhouse of justice. Ben Thompson unleashes the Blue Diamond, bullet-proof man. Harry Sahle introduces the super heroine Silver Scorpion. And Citizen V battles his way across war-torn Europe for victory!

Also featuring Dynaman, Trojak the Tiger Man, K-4 and His Sky Devils, Monako Prince of Magic, Marvex the Super Robot, Breeze Barton, Stuporman, the Flying Flame and Mr. Million, DARING MYSTERY COMICS is a cornucopia of action and adventure!


(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Daring Mystery #5-8


DM #5

DM #6

DM #7

DM #8


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