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Defenders Masterworks Vol. 4
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 203: Defenders Masterworks
Variant Edition Cover


Marvel Masterworks: Defenders Volume 4

Reprints: Defenders #22-30, Giant-Size Defenders #5 and Marvel Super-Heroes #18

(Vol. 203 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: February 12, 2014

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-6627-6 • List Price: $69.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 978-0-7851-6628-3 • List Price: $69.99

248 Pages

Written by Steve Gerber with Bill Mantlo, Arnold Drake, Gerry Conway, Roger Slifer, Len Wein, Chris Claremont & Roger Edelman

Penciled by Sal Buscema with Don Heck, Gene Colan, Sam Grainger & Mike Esposito

Introduction by Steve Englehart

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration
Art Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration

Bonus Content:
• "Earth Shall Overcome!" starring the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Super-Heroes #18, by Arnold Drake, Gene Colan and Mike Esposito, Janaury 1969
• Defenders #26, pg. 9 original art by Sal Buscema and Vince Colletta
• Defenders #27, pg. 13 original art by Sal Buscema and Colletta
• Defenders #30, pg. 2 original art by Sal Grainger and Jack Abel

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DEFENDERS #22: Page 15
DEFENDERS #23: Page 5
DEFENDERS #24: Page 13
DEFENDERS #24: Page 16
DEFENDERS #25: Page 11
DEFENDERS #26: Cover
DEFENDERS #26: Page 16
DEFENDERS #27: Page 6
DEFENDERS #28: Cover
DEFENDERS #28: Page 1
DEFENDERS #29: Page 16
DEFENDERS #30: Page 6
GS DEFENDERS #5: Page 19
MSH #18: Page 22


One of the most challenging writers of ’70s Marvel, Steve Gerber’s Defenders ranks as a high-water mark of the era. Taking Marvel’s famous non-team and mixing in his own unique brand of sharp social commentary, Gerber brought forth stories both action-packed and insightful.

We begin with a classic four-part saga featuring the bigoted Sons of the Serpent that brings members past and present together to defend the defenseless. Then, the Guardians of the Galaxy hit the scene and take the Defenders to the year 3015 A.D. It’s an amazing adventure including the debut of Starhawk, and since we were at it, we added the Guardians of the Galaxy’s first appearance, too! Oh, and there’s an elf with a gun. You’ll see...

Collecting THE DEFENDERS (1972) #22-30, GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS (1974) #5 & MARVEL SUPER-HEROES (1967) #18

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Defenders #22-30, Giant-Size Defenders #5 and Marvel Super-Heroes #18


DEF #22

DEF #23

DEF #24

DEF #25

GSD #5

DEF #26

DEF #27

DEF #28

DEF #29

DEF #30

MSH #18


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