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Luke Cage, Power Man Masterworks Vol. 2
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 248: Luke Cage, Power Man Masterworks
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Marvel Masterworks: Luke Cage, Hero For Hire Volume 2

Reprints: Luke Cage, Power Man #17-31

(Vol. 248 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: September 6, 2017

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: 978-1-302-90343-5 • List Price: $75.00
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: 978-1-302-90344-2 • List Price: $75.00

312 Pages

Written by Tony Isabella, Len Wein & Don McGregor with Bill Mantlo, Steve Englehart & George Perez

Penciled by George Tuska & Ron Wilson with George Perez, Rich Buckler & Sal Buscema

Introduction by TBA

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: TBA
Art Reconstruction: TBA

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PM #17: Page 12
PM #18: Page 1
PM #19: Page 17
PM #20: Page 13
PM #21: Page 8
PM #22: Page 5
PM #23: Page 17
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Marvel’s bulletproof man is back! The Marvel Masterworks proudly present the evolution of the Hero for Hire into his new identity, Power Man. It’s a series of iconic Luke Cage classics featuring the first appearance of Cottonmouth, Cage’s evolving relationship with Claire Temple and action galore! Cage goes toe to toe with Iron Man, battles the villain Power Man for the right to the name and hits the road to uncover the secrets of Security City. Also featuring the debut of Bill Foster as Giant-Man and the one and only Piranha Jones. With stories and art by comic book greats — Wein, Isabella, McGregor, Tuska, Wilson, Pérez and more — these are the stories that defined the Marvel and Netflix icon.

Collecting LUKE CAGE, POWER MAN (1972) 17-31

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Power Man #17-31


HFH #17

HFH #18

HFH #19

HFH #20

HFH #21

HFH #22

HFH #23

HFH #24

HFH #25

HFH #26

HFH #27

HFH #28

HFH #29

HFH #30

HFH #31


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