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Black Panther Jungle Action Masterworks Vol. 1
Regular Edition Cover

Vol. 141: Black Panther Jungle Action Masterworks
Variant Edition Cover


Marvel Masterworks: Black Panther Volume 1

Reprints: Jungle Action #6-24

(Vol. 141 in the Marvel Masterworks Library)

First Print
Release Date: June 16, 2010

REGULAR EDITION ISBN: TBA • List Price: $64.99
VARIANT EDITION ISBN: TBA • List Price: $64.99

368 Pages

Written by Don McGregor

Penciled by Rich Buckler, Billy Graham, Gil Kane and Keith Pollard

Introduction by Don McGregor

Afterword by Dwayne McDuffie

Collection Editor: Cory Sedlmeier
Color Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration
Art Reconstruction: Michael Kelleher & Kellustration

Bonus Content
• Jungle Action #23 cover
• Jungle Action #5 cover
• Jungle Action #7 cover original art by Rich Buckler & Klaus Janson
• Jungle Action #16 cover sketch by Gil Kane
• Jungle Action #9, pg. 15 original art by Kane & Janson
• Jungle Action #10, pg. 4 pencil art by Billy Graham
• Jungle Action #16, pgs. 2-3 layout sketches by Graham
• Jungle Action #17, pgs. 10-11 layout sketches by Graham
• Jungle Action #16, pgs. 4-5 thumbnail sketches by Graham
• Jungle Action #24, pgs. 8-13 layout by Buckler
• Jungle Action #7, "Do You Know the Way to Wakanda?" by Steve Gerber
• Unused Jungle Action #24 layouts (5 pages) by Buckler
• Letter and signed comic book from Don McGregor to fan Ralph Macchio
• Don McGregor plot synopsis for Jungle Action #7, pgs. 1-14
• Vintage McGregor and Graham photos

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JA #6: Page 1
JA #6: Page 4
JA #6: Page 13
JA #6: Page 14
JA #9: Page 10
JA #10: Page 10-11
JA #13: Page 1
JA #13: Page 4
JA #14: Page 9
JA #18: Page 10-11


Collected for the first time ever, the Marvel Masterworks bring you the ground-breaking, trend-setting Black Panther from Jungle Action! In 1973, comics’ first African super hero took the headlining slot in an ambitious ongoing series, beginning a 13-issue epic unprecedented in its time.

Writer Don McGregor teamed with artists Rich Buckler and Billy Graham to tell “Panther’s Rage,” a story so huge it ranges across the savannah, into the deepest jungles and up to the snow-topped mountains of Wakanda. Over its course McGregor & Co. would define T’Challa, give full depth and life to the Wakandas and their culture, while pitting the Panther against the murderous Erik Killmonger for control of the kingdom.

Not one to rest on his laurels, McGregor then set out to raise the bar once again, sending T’Challa to the American South to investigate the murder of Angela Lynne and its connection to the Klan and the history of the Soul Strangler. A challenging storyline by a challenging storyteller, you’ll read it and so much more in this much anticipated hardcover classic!

Collecting JUNGLE ACTION #6-24

(From official Marvel solicit)

Issues Reprinted
Jungle Action #6-24


JA #6

JA #7

JA #8

JA #9

JA #10

JA #11

JA #12

JA #13

JA #14

JA #15

JA #16

JA #17

JA #18

JA #19

JA #20

JA #21

JA #22

JA #24


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